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Moscow, Russia
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Echo of Moscow
Business, political ,cultiural news, analitical reviews, talks.7click here (0)
Europa Plus
Best pop and rock music.5click here (0)
Govorit MoskvaMoscow and regions news, interviews, culture, sport, weather.7click here (0)
Hit FMBest hits, latest news, entertaining programmes.5click here (0)
Monte CarloEuropean, Latin and American pop music, Russian news6click here (0)
Nashe RadioRussian pop.4click here (0)
Open RadioPolitical, economic, sport news, quality music.5click here (0)
Radio 101
Rock music, summary news, entertaining programmes.7click here (0)
Radio 7Best hits of pop, rock, classic music, news.6click here (0)
Radio Chanson
Chanson is a French word for song. Main featureof " Chanson" is organic connection between music and poetry with the presence of tarditional Russian singing culture.6click here (0)
Radio Delovaya Volna (RDV)Business, cultural news, pop music.2click here (0)
Radio MaximumRock, pop hits. News, contests, games and contests.5click here (0)
Radio Mayak
Social and political news, talks, music.8click here (0)
Radio of Russia
News, talks, entertaning programmes.7click here (0)
Radio Retro
Past years songs.3click here (0)
Russkoe Radio
16K unicast

32K unicast
Russian hits, entertaining programmes, news.8click here (0)
Silver Rain
Best hits, business and sport news, games and contests.6click here (0)
Station 2000
Different kind of music, entertaining programmes.2click here (0)
Voice of Russia
Political, economic, science, cultural Russian news.4click here (0)
St.Peterburg, Russia
Europa Plus S. Petersburg Music News 5 click here (1)
Radio Baltic
104.8 FM, 71.24 USW
News from Russia and S.Peterburg. Popular and classical music. 8 click here (3)
Radio Melodiya
91.1 FM

Retro music hits. 10 click here (5)
Radio Modern
104.0 FM

Popular music, entertaining programmes. 9 click here (3)
Radio Nostalgie
105.3 FM

Retro music. Business, sport news. 5 click here (1)
Radio Severnaya Stolitsa
105.9 FM
Popular music, information and entertaining programmes. 5 click here (2)
Other Radio Stations in Russia
Auto Radio
102.7 FM

Radio from Perm. Music and useful information for drivers. 8 click here (1)
Inta Radio
1557 USW

Music, news, entertaining programmes from Irkutsk. 8 click here (0)
Radio August
102.3 FM, 70.64 USW

Popular music, interesting programmes, news from Toliatti. 6 click here (0)
Radio Baltic Plus
105.2 FM

Popular music, interesting information from Kaliningrad. 9 click here (0)
Radio Maximum
103.2 FM

Music hits, news, entertaining programmes from Perm. 9 click here (0)
Radio MRC
103.0 FM

Music, news from Magnitigorsk. 4 click here (0)
Radio New Wave
104.2 FM
Modern youth music from Vladivostok. 6 click here (1)
Radio Randevu
103.4 FM, 70.16 USW

Popular music, business information, news from N.Novgorod. 10 click here (0)
Radio Rating
104.5 FM, 68.36 USW

Music hits and information programmes from Obninsk. 6 click here (1)
Radio Samara-Maximum
104.3 FM

Pop, rock music, business, sport news from Samara. 8 click here (0)
Radio Studio-1
71.96 USW, 107.3 FM
Music hits, news from Chelyabinsk. 4 click here (0)
Radio Transmit
104.4 FM, 72.98 USW

Popular music and news from Vologda. 5 click here (0)
Radio Uniton
100.7 FM, 70.88 USW

Music hits from Novosibirsk 10 click here (2)
Radio VBC
101.7 FM

Music and information programmes from Vladivostok. 5 click here (1)
Radio Volga
104.0 FM

All kind of music, summary news programmes from Kazan. 3 click here (0)
Radio Vot
104.4 FM

Music hits and news from Tula. 3 click here (0)
Slavia Novgorod state tv-radio company click here (0)
Vologda Regional Radio Station Regional news, information about projects and jurnalists. 1 click here (0)
Russian Stations in CIS
Auto Radio
105.4 FM
Music and information for drivers from Almaty. 4 click here (2)
Gala Radio
100.0 FM
Music and entertaining programmes from Kiev. 2 click here (0)
Kazak radio
101.0 FM, 66.78 USW
State Kaxakhstan Radio. 1 click here (0)
Pyramid Radio
105.0 FM

Music, news from Bishkek. 8 click here (2)
Radio Lux
104.7 FM

Popular music, entertaining programmes from Lvov. 5 click here (0)
Radio Mix
107.3 FM
Music hits and news from Dnepropetrovsk. 6 click here (0)
Other Radio Stations Broadcasting in Russian
1260 AM

World news from London. 10 click here (1)
Classic FM
100-102 FM

Live Simulcast
All about classical music. 9 click here (0)
Lithuanian Radio - Program 1
Music, news, lots of interesting information from Vilnyus. 2 click here (0)
MultiKulti SFB4
106.8 FM
Music, news, talks from Berlin. 3 click here (0)
New Horizons
1240 AM
Music, news, entertaining programmes from Chicago. 5 click here (0)
Novoe Radio

NovoeRadio is the number 1 Russian radio station in America 5 click here (1)
Radio 4
94.5 FM

Summary news, analitical, music, entertaining programmes from Tallinn. 9 click here (0)
Radio Mix
102.7 FM

Music, news, entertaining programmes from Riga. 1 click here (0)
Radio RCI
Sure Stream
Canadian and International news. 8 click here (0)
Radio Svoboda/Liberty
Politics, science, culture. Russian and International programmes. 10 click here (1)
Radio Sweden
Summary news, political, musical, literary programmes from Sweden. 9 click here (0)
World Radio Network (Voice of America, Voice of Russia) Live newscast audio streams from 25 of the world's leading public and international broadcasters. 7 click here (0)
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